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About JB Adventures & Safaris

The world became my backyard, a part of my job. I knew it well and as a result my advice was sought after. After returning from an adventure of hunting, fishing or just experiencing the world, I became the friend, "Who had been there." I was beset with questions. Finally, realizing I gave up or gave in and started J/ B Adventures. My only business for over thirty-five years has been knowing where to send my client friends for the trophies they desired or the adventures of their dreams. No longer was all my preparation and research wasted, but for one trip.

J/B Adventures & Safaris is a leading International hunting, fishing and adventure-travel consulting agency. Since our 1972 opening our goals haven't changed. They are to provide sportsmen and adventurers with the best available outfitting worldwide. To do this we make it our business to stay abreast of the idiosyncrasies of the world's political crisis, travel conditions, cost effectiveness and the thousands of changes daily in schedules. For sportsmen we have the added obligation of knowing game concentrations, trophy quality and current laws regarding hunters. We know, personally, those guides, outfitters and professional hunters who deliver the highest quality hunt experience and success ratio. To do this we have to be able to say, "been there, done that" and you need to know . . . Many weeks, each year, are spent afield learning and smoothing the road ahead, for you, our friend and client.

We offer a complete international travel service. This is available to insure you have appropriate passports, visas, travel arrangements, firearms and ammunition permits, equipment and clothing lists. We will efficiently arrange your photographic and adventure safari, your cruise, and for hunters, arrange for non-hunting observers.

Simply, our knowledge and experience becomes yours.

B. Wunderlich



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